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Ready Steady and Go for The BIGGEST ADVENTURE—We’ve Practical Tips

There is a huge difference between making an adventure plan, like budget-friendly destinations to visit, and accomplishing the one with ease and fun. It seems really shocking when your co-workers and friends are usually off on their big international excursion, at least once a year. On the other hand, it’s you, who is stuck at home trying to figure out how to pay the utility bills for this month. For all the folks who are facing the same issue, we have great news for you. Going on adventures is possible, though—you just have to be on your travel hustle. Your dreams of spending lazy days on white-sand beaches and exploring new places are actually possible, even if you feel you can’t afford it.

Ready Steady and Go for The BIGGEST ADVENTURE

There are people who want to travel in budget whereas some want to first get done with a handful amount and then have a safe and fun-filled trip. Here we have listed 15 tips for wandering the globe when you are habitual to your daily routine and a hard-working person who seems to be over loaded.

Scroll down and unveil the ways to have a blissful trip with no damages.

Automate Your Vacation Savings

If you haven’t yet opened a saving an automatic account, then go for it. Whether for a vacation, down payment of your dream home, or retirement—these automatic savings play big part in making life easier. No matter, if in start you are saving just $5 a week, what matters is that you will have an established saving account. However, you can also plunk savings when following the tips whenever possible.

A useful tip is: Keep your savings account inaccessible or invisible from internet banking; this is how you will never have temptation to splurge. And most of the times, over spending take place when you can see that you have enough savings.

Value Your Earnings—Pay in Cash

Purchasing anything with cash will make you feel more mindful regarding your spending and you will start value your hard-earned cash. Before going to shopping, make a budget and take cash with you that are needed to meet your budget line. This limited cash will definitely stop you from over-spending and you will achieve your savings target greatly. It’s best when you follow ways to put some extra cash in your pocket and use it while traveling.

Each Peny Counts—Saveyour Change

Believeit’s useful and not difficult at all as you aren’t required to perform some heavy duty task while saving the cash. As mentioned above, purchase things using cash and when you will spend in cash so you will have change that can be coins (lots of coins!). Keep those coins, and perform a simple task saving your change in old-school way. Just grab a jar and start emptying your pockets and wallet into it at the end of each day.

If you usually use debit card, then keep your savings up by playing the saving game just perfectly by using bank service that automatically rounds up your debit card purchase, like Bank Of America’s Change program is helping its users.

Time to Cancel Your Memberships and Subscriptions

Get every entertainment for free, it will make you and your accounts feels great, say goodbye to subscriptions to magazines, Netflix and other paid entertainment services. Entertainment should be enjoyable not stressful, so keep in simple, free, and online. Step out of your gym membership and get into other physical activities to stay fit and healthy. You can walk, run, ride a bike, or surf instead of going to gym. In this way, you will save your gym fees, its Superb!!

Eat Cheaply Without Sacrificing the Quality

Don’t know how to cook? Time to learn this art of preparing food!! You can also do bulk cooking and design your meals in a way that can be eaten throughout the week without make you bore. When you have already prepared food at home so it will help you avoiding the impulse to get food delivered or eat out.

For best health benefits don’t go for the quantity or cheaper food that is easily accessible on the road; instead eat cheap at home where you will be sure about the quality and save better, any day!

Shop Almost Everything Using Coupons

Whether you are shopping for services, fashion, tech. or any other stuff, nowadays getting coupons for every single product and brand isn’t a magic but a reality that helps people in saving big. You can save even better when it’s manageable to hit double or triple coupon days. To get timely updates regarding discounts and saving deals of your favorite brand or stores you can subscribe to reliable couponing resource and give your account a treat of better savings.

Go on Vacations During “Shoulder Periods”

In travel industry Shoulder Periods are referred to the time when it’s off-peak for travelling. This off peak time is usually happened after New Year (January), when kids go back to school (September), and after spring break (April). In these time-periods all the hotels and airlines offer great discounts.

Walk or Use Public Transport

It’s a plus point to your savings if you live in a walk-able city. Its better if you walk to and from work, try to consider commuting by foot or public transport instead of using car. It will not only save you plenty of cash but good for your health. And if you have car and you can’t think of traveling without it, so wash it by yourself. For all good saving reasons avoid automated drive-through washes and especially a fancy car-wash place, this will save you a ton of money. And average drive through will cost you around $10 and the premium one will charge you around $30 for all the basic vacuum and wash. It’s best to grab a bucket and house and do some serious work on your car with your hands.

Facebook for Benefits

It’s a great platform to stay in touch with your friends, but it can also help you when you maintain good contacts with friends of friends. Yes, you read it right!! The reason is: when you will be in contact with people who live at different international destinations, they will warmly open doors to you when you will be in their city or country. This is why; start getting in contact with people from your past and present. This is how you will cut out all the accommodation expenses. It might just cost you few beers and a diner, that’s all and it sounds great!! 

Keep Your Search on For a Better Vacation Destination

Right now, don’t you have time for vacations?? These exotic destinations can change your plan any time so it’s better to stay prepared for that.  Its best to search online for the hotel booking and flight tickets with discounts, this will also make you save more which will help you enjoying the vacations fully.

What To Do For Savings While Travelling??

  • Take you home-made airport snacks or get some from local market using coupons
  • Do as locals do, eat from the places where they eat
  • Use public transportation wherever you go, try to take overnight busses and trains
  • Use ride sharing app or message boards like Gumtree to find rides with other travelers and locals
  • Make most of online apps when calling and sending messages back home
  • Ask locals about the pricing of food and other things (locals can give you the best idea!)
  • Scout for food before you get hungry. If you don’t do this, then you probably end up eating something most convenient regardless of price
  • Never exchange money, always withdraw it
  • Get done with your breakfast from any grocery store

Published on: February 15, 2017

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