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Women love fashion more than anything else, they are crazy about trying different sorts of things in order to take lead from other ladies around them. The relationship between women and high heels is same as fish have with water; the trend of wearing high heels has been around for so many years.

Bang On! Work Pants that are Fashion-Delight For All Body Types

Let’s be honest: Whether its winter, summers or any of the seasons, office and work pants go hand in hand. The only difference you can find in these bottoms is nothing major but just the color of them.

 Usually our wardrobes are less than inspired when it comes to pants and every girl gets pants in black or navy colors, which is not supposed as a good fashion.  Undoubtedly, it’s a piece of clothing that allow all of us to just grab-and-go with ease of getting affordably well-dressed for office in the morning. But for 2017 and beyond, we need to add something amazingness to our style resolutions and that should be like: Be tad who is more adventurous with everything she is carrying and wear the cuts that suit her best.

Office Wear Women Pants Style

However, when it comes to select work wear attire, arguably, pants is one of the essential wardrobe items, which works best in solving your dressing-up trauma called “I have nothing to wear”. But there are some people who feel not-so-good about wearing trousers because they think that trousers don’t suit them. And, they are right on this but it’s a solvable issue, so instead of getting rid of trousers start picking the ones that are made to match your body type. We know almost every working lady loves wearing trousers especially when they are working women. So, we have decided to help our community members who aren’t sure about what style and cut to choose for their body type.

Here we have searched some tried-and-true workwear trousers that will stay appropriate silhouette for you, this season and every season. And to give you variety of options to shop, we are injecting our list of trousers with some much-needed color and patterns that won’t let your style-game get failed. We have also searched a number of brands and stores for the best fashion forward trousers to change things up for better styling.

All Type Body Shape Fashion

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Petites Should Wear Straight-Legged Crops

When you want to fake miles-long legs, nothing is better than wearing shorter pants. And, make sure that these are hitting just above your ankle, this is how petite can dress-up smartly draw the eyes to the flash of skin. The main things is: you might not likely to get the perfect length right off the rack, so never mind taking these babies to your tailor and get them perfect fit. We are sure that if you go with a sturdy fabric and neutral colors, you will probably be wearing them constantly.

Tall Girls Should Try Culottes

If you are a tall chic than you must have idea that no matter what brand it you wear but almost each pair of regular-length trousers will end up looking cropped on a longer frame. So it’s better to style that will look just perfect on you. And when this is the case, why not to try on culottes—they’re supposed to be shorter and will look more flattering on your body frame. Another plus point of wearing them is: when you wear unintentionally short pants so you will look awkward wearing heels, whereas carrying culottes will make heels look amazing.

Pear-Shaped Girls Should Try Wide-Legged Pants

All the beautiful gals having small upper bodies and larger lower bodies, then nothing can beat your look if you know how to balance your proportions through smart clothing. And guess what? We have a trick to make all your worries go down. It’s simple; choose pants that are more voluminous at the bottom, these trousers are brilliant player when you want to balance between upper and lower body and hides wider hips and backsides instantly. In case of hourglass body, look for pairs that sit at the smallest part of your waist.

Girl With No Curves Should Try Cuffed Trousers

We understand your concern, consciousness, and worries, but this all is solvable if you will follow the tips we are going to share. When you are badly in need of creating the illusion of curves and it’s your foremost goal to look chic, get pants with pleats, they will definitely give your lower body some shape.  And it will be even better if the rouser have any details, like cuffs or cuts. These details will surely draw all eyes towards your ankles and will help you dealing with the areas which you don’t want to show or get comment for. It sounds weird, but cuffed or tapered trousers fill out your hips and make it look like you’re less straight up and down.

Hourglass Chic Should Try a Pant with a Tie-Waist

It’s always needed to look at yourself and your perfect proportions and accent your curves brilliantly. Gals with hourglass body shape should highlight their small middle with pants that have some sort of details—like embroidery, an adorned belt, or a paper-bag tie—at the waist. There aren’t any restrictions to choose the hem and it’s pretty much up to you. Stay cool while picking any of the hem styles because straighter crops can look as great on hourglass ladies as wider legs. But no matter what style you pick, tuck in your top to maximize your trousers’ waist-flaunting powers.

Apple-Shaped Should Try High-Waisted Pants

It’s awesome to have an apple-shaped body because girls with this body shape are blessed with slender legs. So women or girls having this most-loved leg shape make them the perfect candidates for skinny pants. If you are concerned about the waistline, so look for a rise that perfectly hits your narrowest point and smoothes everything out in sexiest way.

Hope that the list of our work wear trousers will stay helpful for you, if you have some advice for working ladies to have better and easy fashion, feel free to share it in the comment section below. We would love to hear from you.

Published on: May 22, 2017

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