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Every Tip that You Will Need To Make Your Web Hosting Budget Friendly

Today, having a website is not a luxury, rather, it is a necessary tool for both personal and commercial needs. So much so that businesses all over the world think of having their websites as an integral part of their online presence. Whether you run a corporation or a local outlet,you would love to have a fully functional e-commerce platform that may handle distant shoppers.

Web Hosting Service With Budget

In an ideal world, a classy website backed by powerful web hosting service is what every business craves for. But, such web hosting service comes at a cost that often exceeds budget requirements of many companies. If you are an entrepreneur looking for cheap but adequate web hosting service, here is what you need to know:

Getting Started

Before proceeding your search for a cheap web hosting service, you need to underline your requirements. For instance, you are looking for a service that is powerful, functional, feature rich, and affordable. Once you’ve figured out your needs, start your search for the service that meets your criteria. Make sure that you compare different services before buying one. For this purpose, make a well-researched list of tenrelated web hosting services. Afterward, keep comparing these until you come down to the one that you deem fit for your needs.

Identify Your Requirements

It is a common approach for business owners to go after a web hosting service without understanding business requirements. As a result, they end up getting an expensive service that offers them little value but consumes plenty of finances. For instance, if yourequire space and speed but not a lot of features, go for hosting service like Joomla, Blog hosting or a similar web hosting service. The idea is to get the right service for your purpose, and budget. On the other hand, not all users need cheap web hosting service when their requirement is an advanced, complex hosting solution. Again, the rule of identifying the best web hosting services and narrow down your choice to just one service should work. Usually, hosting service offering more speed and features will cost you more budget. Similarly, you must choose the type of service required for your business. For instance, if this is your first website, you’ll require a shared hosting plan. The coupon benefits tag with the shared hosting services too often. If we talk about right now, there is $24 off on shared hosting of Inmotion and its likely to do good for the rest of the year.

The next level is the Virtual Private Network (VPN) hosting. It gives you more speed and security but also cost more than shared and WordPress hosting. The Dedicated Hosting is more expensive but it comes with extra privacy and storage space. If your site receives 100,000 or more visits in month and is vulnerable to attacks, this package is ideal for you. To further simplify things, here is what a quality web hosting service should contain:

1. Keep An Eye On Your Budget

No matter how fast and versatile a web hosting service is if it doesn’t fit in your budget and you cannot afford it, it is not beneficial to your business. Look for web hosting services that offer you the best balance between cost and features for your budget. Get a hosting service that you find easy to set up your email, software for blogging, customer support, file sharing and e-commerce. Do ensure that customer support is available 24/7.

2. Ask For Package Upgrade/ Downgrade Option

Most web hosting services offer anupgrade or downgrade option for customers to adjust their package accordingly. Usually, these services offer flexible hosting plans and prices as per client’s needs. Ensure that your service is transparent in its pricing and is willing to adjust the package according to your requirements.

3. Compare Services And Avoid Misleading Pricing

There have been cases of web hosting services offering misleading pricing. Upon signing up, they’ll cost you less, but while checking out, they’ll cunningly charge you again. Upon inquiring, they’ll claim this as mandatory charges. Ironically, most clients don’t realize that they are being cheated, but when they do, it is all too late.

Some web hosting services claim to have a straightforward refund policy, but in reality, they don’t abide by the price mentioned on their webpage. Similarly, your web hosting service must offer you money back guarantee on your chosen package. If they don’t offer it, don’t buy from them.

4. Compare Server Page Load Speed And Uptime

Speed is a crucial requirement for choosing a web hosting package. The smaller the page load time, the faster your web hosting service. As a standard, the web hosting must open a web page within 60 seconds or less. There can be two reasons for the server to load pages slowly:

  • The web host server is slow or busy
  • The page being loaded is too heavy

Keep in mind in most cases, shared hosting plans also take longer than usual to load a page.

The server uptime is another important factor that you must look into before buying a web hosting plan. Ideally, your hosting service should have a server uptime of 99% or more for at least a year. If you are wondering if there is a server with 100% uptime, there is none. Despite of so much advance, the hardware failures are still uncontrollable. In essence, the 100% uptime exists only on paper, not in reality. Likewise, when your hosting company claims to provide you 100% uptime or refund your money, it means that they’ll refund you due to server slowdown.

5. No Such Thing As A Free Domain

You’ve heard about freedomain, right? Well, there is no free domain, as there is none out there. Those who claim to provide you free domain don’t tell you that the domain is the property of the web hosting company. If you fell for this trap, you’llneed to pay to buy back the domain, or you’ll be staying with the hosting service to keep your site up and running.

6. Do Your Research

Try to come up with yourresearch before buying a cheap web hosting service. Read customer opinions and testimonials on the Internet and contact people who have used several hosting services. Ask about their experience with a given service and seektheir recommendations for buying a service. Don’t fall for big brands and names as they may or may not fulfill your web hosting requirements. If it comes cheap but gets the job done, you should go for it. Also, maintain a backup of your data even if you don’t need it, it may come in handy if an emergency arises.

Lastly, perfer to buy web hosting service for short term. Buy long term only when you are sureabout the quality it offers. Thes tips will provide thehelp you find areliable, cheap web hosting service for hosting your site.

Published on: March 04, 2017

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