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Women love fashion more than anything else, they are crazy about trying different sorts of things in order to take lead from other ladies around them. The relationship between women and high heels is same as fish have with water; the trend of wearing high heels has been around for so many years.

Fool-Proof Wardrobe: 20 Tried and Tested Ways to Save on Clothing

 Clothes are expressive, fun, and…. EXPENSIVE. Whether you are a woman with limited number dresses for every occasion or a jeans-and-t-shirt guy, there isn’t any doubt that buying new clothes always take a big chunk out of your budget. And shopping cost for clothes will keep on gouging your budget when you don’t plan things properly. You might know that May is the month to shop exceptional discount products; the month also includes discounts on spring clothing. And the increasing cost of shopping for clothes can easily be dialed up if you buy cheap clothes that wear out quickly, have expensive clothing taste, or spend on things that you don’t even need. And you end up thinking how a penny-hoarding fashionista manage to balance between shopping and savings?

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However, if you really want to stay in-style without going overboard on your bank account, you will need to choose your clothes and spending wisely and take care of the stuff you already have. Here are 15 ways you can save when buying new clothes and make the most of what already exists in your closet.

Sell What you Don’t Wear

There isn’t anything great about holding things back in your wardrobe if you don’t like them anymore or don’t want to wear them. It simple: If you don’t like it, drop it off at any of the consignment shops to sell in out, at least you will get some money that you can use in buying clothes. Some extra money that is earned by selling old clothes can actually give your shopping budget a good figure. If you can sell your used clothes on your own, it’s amazing. Otherwise, when you sell clothes through a shop, so they will cut you a check just for a portion of the profits. In that case, you will not get the full amount, but the best part is that you won’t have to do much work either. Once a year, consider going through your closet and list down things you wear and don’t. If you haven’t worn that dress in last 365 days, you don’t need it anymore, just sell it.

Check the Tag Smartly Before Purchasing

Read the label thoughtfully before you buy anything. When you know, how much you can spend on one piece of clothing; don’t ever go for anything that has a price tag with .99. Suppose if your range to buy a dress in $12 and you liked something that is for $13.99, you might think that spending $1 more won’t take you out of budget. But actually you are paying $14 for that piece and it will cost you $2 extra. We typically avoid the number written after a point, but believe that .99 matters a lot. And if you buy everything without taking care of this .99, most probably, you end up spending $5 or $10 without even having knowledge of it. Another thing to take care of while checking tag is: whether its machine washable or not. Try to stick to machine-washable; they are better when you want to save. And remember, if you buy a dry-clean-only dress or any other piece of clothing, then you will keep paying for it every time you want it to be washed.

Here are some ways to save better on Kids clothing!

Take Care Clothes You Already Have

Remember that “indestructible” isn’t equal to “machine washable.”  Its best to wash your clothes on the gentle cycle in not-so-hot water and even line-dry them. In this way, they will last the longest and you can take more advantage from that particular piece of clothing. Prefer hand wash for items or clothes that are delicate because they might shrink. Take care of your clothes, and you will be able to use them for years.

Shop Online Clearance Sales

When you are sure that you need to buy some clothes or any particular piece, so don’t only search for coupon codes; do visit the clearance section of online retailers and retailers’ websites. Chances are that you can buy a real good-looking piece from a clearance section and it’s in that section just because its only ONE in quantity, take advantage of that and purchase it. These sections usually offer deep discounts on pieces that you never even imagined of having on discount price.

Get Basics from Generic Stores

Remember: solid colors and simple cuts don’t need a high-end designer. And your basics don’t really need a designer label. Basic pieces are usually the ones that you wear underneath of your dress or any other outfit. These pieces can be tank tops, plain tees, loungewear, and others that can be worn at home or underneath, so never another shelling out from a renowned brand name while purchasing basics. The fact is: no one is going to watch it and chances are that it won’t last that long whether it’s branded or not-branded. Basics, basic purpose is to perform under shirt’s job and that is keeping sweat off your nice and delicate button down, right? So it’s better to stick to stuff like Hanes, Old Navy, Target, and other retailers to save better for the labels that you can actually show off.

Buy One Extraordinary Swim Suit

When going on vacations or preparing for summers beach excursion, we easily get away with so-many gorgeous prints, style, designs, and colors of swimwear. And most of us keep on buying cheap swimwear to have plenty of styles, trends, and other stuff, which is totally wrong. But here is the thing though: All of that bad quality stuff will not last longer. They will start sagging, sheer before you know it, and stretching. So, before buying a swimwear make sure it’s of good quality and prefers having a branded one. You can easily get great online swimwear discounts that won’t ask you to cross the limit of your shopping budget.

Rely on Online Coupons for Clothing

It’s the best option you can have when in need of discount purchase. Do visit and subscribe to couponing resources that are reliable and stays up-to-date with all the most-wanted coupons. Almost all the big and great couponing websites do have all the coupon codes, savings deals, and discounts from renowned brands and huge retail stores, so never skip checking these websites and get more and more advantage of them.

Buy Clothing at the End of Season

We understand the charm and excitement of purchasing clothes pre-season and invest big on trends, but is this really a thing that any smart-shopper will do? No, it’s not the best way to shop for seasonal clothing items. So, the best time to shop for clothes is when retailers put seasonal clothing on clearance before the season gets over. Most probably, you will save a ton on clothing when you actually don’t need it and also it’s not the demand of season. Or even, you can check out some mid-season sales that can make you save better versus buying pre-season. You people are smart enough to understand that is you are running blindly for what next in fashion and buying it, you are seriously paying the maximum retail price and that isn’t done! Vise versa, when you buy for something that isn’t happening, you will get better savings. We know when its almost triple digits outside so you might feel weird while purchasing a sweater, but you will feel great once you watch out the savings you got in result of that purchase.

Don’t Run After Fashion-Trend-Moment

It’s actually the foremost rule when you want to save money on clothing, go easy with trends. All fashion trends have their moment, it depends on you how creative you are to carry your clothes in a way that it will look trendy. It won’t only come with how much purchase you make, but it’s all about how you wear it in different seasons. Suppose if it’s all about ruffles in winter and you invested handful amount on ruffle clothing in summers, remember you don’t need to invest again on ruffles. What you can do is, wear your summer ruffled top with underneath layering or even with upper layering of clothes in style. And if you are really getting crazy for some on-going trend and want to carry it by hook or crook, then try finding the best piece at Forever21. These retailers offer ultra-trend items in cheap price, so you can have them without running out of money.

Upgrade Your Clothing On Your Own

A girl who is fashionista must know how to deal with clothing hacks smartly and without messing up. It might look easier to get rid of clothing or give it to charity and buy new stuff when your clothing is in need of getting fixed. But wait, If there is a clothing item in your closet whose buttons started looking too old or you bought something that was cheap, just change the buttons and you there you are with a good-looking piece all over again without spending much. If you have a swing machine, then better to lean doing simple hemming. In this way you can save tailoring cost by hemming your own jeans and pants. You can even do little fittings to your dress when it’s needed without running after tailors.

Keep Your Clothes Zippers Zipped

May be you find this tip weird, but it’s actually another way to keep your clothes safe and last longer. Before heading your clothes to laundry, make sure that any of your clothing piece like jeans. Hoodies, or anything, their zippers are zipped up. In this way, you can keep your zipper’s teeth away from getting tumbled when they are being washed or dried. Even, if you let your zippers un-zipped will washing them, they won’t only get messed-up, but they will also rip or pull other items present in washing machine.

Prefer Swapping or Borrowing Clothes for Occasion and Pregnancy

Whether it’s some special occasion or you are going to have a baby, never shy swapping or borrowing clothes from family and friends. If you aren’t a plus size and have a curvy friend, believe, she can give you a great favor when you are having a baby bump. Talk to her and better swapping or borrowing clothes to her rather hitting any of the store and get a dress that won’t be of any use after few months. Same goes for occasions: it’s really easier said than done that just have a LBD and you can wear it anywhere, right? Especially, when you are invited to a bunch of weddings that are in the daytime in vine yard and some includes a beach weekend. So, instead of buying 1000 dollar clothing, shop a friend’s closet that is a similar size.

Remember That Flash Sale isn’t Free

Sometimes, we get so excited to see a flash deal or any deal with huge discount that we don’t bother to think much and do impulse shopping instantly, which we regret afterwards. Most flash sales are final sales and you don’t own the chance to return the goods you purchased and never needed at first place. These sales and undoubtedly best ones, but you can’t run out of money just to grab that huge deal. There isn’t any use of that clothing piece which you never wear or never think of wearing. Be a smart shopper, when you find something in flash sale that matches your personal style and your closet is actually in need of that particular item than there isn’t any harm purchasing it. 

Shop the Size You Are in at the Moment

While shopping for clothes, chances are that you all have done this: When saw a beautifully designed piece in smaller size than your actual size, you must thought that I will shrink myself in few months and it will fit me and buy it. But it’s totally wrong tactics and most probably, you will end up just watching that dress hanging in your closet and can’t wear it. So, think about the present and make your clothing choices for the size you have at the time of buying that piece. You don’t actually know what the future will be brining, so don’t spend for a thing that isn’t in your control. Instead purchase pieces for your current size, and if luckily you lose weight than get it tailored, it will cost less as compare to spend on a dress that can’t be worn ever.

Count to Three before Making Purchase

If you are going to buy something—a new shirt, a new bottom, or anything—before making payment, make yourself to list down three reasons to buy it. And reasons can’t be like: I want it, I want it, and I want it. Reasons can be like: this particular item can go really well with at least three other items present in your closet, or reason can also be about three upcoming events where you will carry it. And, by chance, if you are coming up short, you don’t need this piece.

Published on: May 02, 2017

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