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College Senior’s Alert: Be Habitual to 13 Money Saving Tips before Graduation

Be aware: Once college seniors are on the cusp of entering “the real world” by ditching graduation ceremony gown and throwing their mortar board, they need to be focused how to manage life with great savings. And now, from this time, real work begins: they will need to develop and follow fruitful financial habits that will work until the time of retirement. You might be rubbishing this retirement factor because you have just graduated and full-fledged adulthood seems a really long way off. But, believe, you will be totally surprised once you enter the working world and understand how fast time moves.

Get Discount Before Graduation

However, we agree that assuming and practically managing financial responsibilities like a pro might be one of the toughest tasks you need to accomplish after graduation. But, instead of getting messy, if you approach financial stability in a more organized and logical manner, it will not be as daunting as it sounds. Make sure not to overlook prepping your finances before you hit the real world, get prepared and hit the world hard with your saving habits and conquered everything that is all about finances.

To help you tackle with some real financial responsibilities as an adult, we have come up with 25 money-saving moves that you must know and follow. Hello, the real world!

Pennies are Worth Saving

Save Money On Shopping

Believe they will work as a fortune when you will need to meet your little financial issues. This one is the best habit you can have to squirrel away every single penny before graduation and beyond. We know that at this point of time when you are in your 20s, retirement feels like eons away —and it certainly is. But we bet you'll never regret having handful money for that freak hospital visit or car repair. Never forget to search for valuable automotive discount online before heading for the any of your vehicle services.

Strategize How to Pay Off Your Student Loan

Let’s stay honest: Student loan debt is scary, but remember, they shouldn’t control your life. Instead make brilliant strategies and work on them to let yourself free from student loan as soon as possible. The studies show: 41% of millennials face issues while paying off student debt and in result of not paying off on time; they are forced to delay life events, such as buying a home and marriage.

Usually, graduates begin paying off their student loans six months after leaving college. And it’s best not to miss your first payment. That might hurt your credit score, but that number determines if you will be good enough to qualify for a car and home loans and at what interest rate. Make sure, tho, you repay your loans in the most amazing way for you. You can pick a standard repayment plan that is for 10 years with a fixed monthly payment. On the other hand, if you are not earning that good after graduation, you have option to choose an income-based repayment plan for a better and relaxed payment schedule. When you select income-based paying off plan, your monthly payment will be based on your current income, and your repayment will rise (or fall) as your pay changes.

The best choice for paying off your student loan is, of course, to pay off your loans as soon as possible and that  makes it clear to pick 10-year term. In this way, you will be paying far less interest with this approach. But, at first, you will need to take a close look at your finances and then choose the payment method accordingly.

Learn the Art of Searching Coupon Codes and Discounts

Learn Art With Coupon Codes

Start learning the habit of digging around for coupon codes and other saving deals. Search for online couponing resource that can give you advantage of saving better when you shop at your favorite store next time. You never know, how huge discount you can avail while shopping for branded stuff. These codes and deals are not less than a blessing when you want to save each penny for betterment.

Try Cooking at Home

Once you will realize that how much you can save from cooking at home, chances are you won’t even like to eat out on weekends as well. The home-made-food won’t only let you save better but it’s also a healthy way of eating that will keep you from diseases and other issues of weight-gain. It’s never bad to eat out with friend once a while but making it a habit isn’t good at all. You can also get lots of online food discounts, avail the chance of savings using these deals and hot discounts.

Must Complete Exit Counseling

Federal student loans require exit counseling and its best way to understand that when you will need to get started with your loan. This counseling, mostly take place when a student drops below half-time enrollment, leaves or graduates school. Students can easily do this online in about 20 to 30 minutes. This counseling is best when you will need to stay alert bout your first payment dues.

Must Plan a Budget—There isn’t any Substitute for it!

Plain Your Budget With Discount Deals

Studies have found: people without having proper direction regarding how much to spend on particular stuff will lead a stressful life, and hoe that you don’t want to be one of them. Approximately, 40% of graduate and undergraduate students’ budget goes to discretionary purchases like beauty and personal care, clothes, entertainment, snacks, and gadgets. But the real art for a student is to live a well planned and balanced life to have a secure and stress free future, we know resisting temptation is an uphill battle, but it’s worth it. Just one step in the right direction and you will thank yourself tons afterwards. Life isn’t just limited to the walls of college, but the real life begins afterwards, so get prepared for that. Life after college isn’t just about repaying loans, have stressful work days and all, instead, if you plan everything properly and inclement on your plans than life is much easier, happier, and full of joy after your graduation.  Once you start saving, give yourself little bonus treats like when you save $20 by skipping your impulse purchase or mid-night snack, then reward yourself with $5. Little money with so much happiness is great rather than having nothing in your account and sleepless nights.

Tip: design an excel sheet or a Google spreadsheet with rows and columns for variety of expenses and time periods, respectively. Plan how much money you have and how much you need to spend. Remember saving today will make your life delightful in future.

Build an Emergency Fund—it’s Essential

One of the foremost rules of managing better household finances is to expect the unexpected and be prepared to deal with them. The easiest way to stay alert for incidents and unexpected expenses is to build up an emergency fund. This can help you throughout when you will ned to solve repairing issues, medical conditions, or when you lose a job. You can start it slowly and putting a little from every month’s paycheck into your emergency fund, you will build steadily but it will pay off at the end. This habit will also help you developing one of the most important financial skills and that is: the ability to save money.

Take Advantage of Online Student Discounts

The best way to keep financial condition stable after graduation is to start spending less when you are in college. We know and understand the craze of having stylish clothing, trendy accessories and other fashion stuff when you are in college and having fun and parties. But the right way to stay fashionista is to shop clothing smartly; this doesn’t really need you to do some specialization in mindful shopping. Instead, this only requires you to use discounts and coupons as more as you can and have better savings without sacrificing your style mantra.

Open a Saving Account

For great number of students, banking is really a flow-through arrangement: Money, definitely, goes into the account, but soon, it also goes out again to pay for expenses, tuition or fun stuff. However, now when you are a graduate, you should start accumulating money, and that’s the point which requires you to open a savings account.

A savings account can let you safe and store better to deal with rainy days without having troubles and negative thoughts. And remember asking about interest fees and conditions which picking any of the banks to open your savings account.

Look for a Side Gig

As a student each one of them knows their financial stability better and understands how much hard work they need to do in order to have relaxed future. To jumpstart your savings, you can start pet sitting, sharing your car, tutoring or freelancing when you have downtime. Many of the students who start a side gig in early age; they have more chances to get more experience of how to tackle life after college and how to deal with financial conditions when you face ups and downs in life.

It’s Never Early to Start Saving for Retirement

Whether you want to save for retirement or not, it’s something that you will need to do, if not now than after some years.  Right after your graduation, retirement may seem too far to care. But rather than focusing on time, stay focused on saving better now, so you will be able to get more interest. Interestingly, if your employer sponsors a retirement fund, it’s the best way to start participating in it without a second thought, no matter if you can only afford small contributions in start. Treat your retirements saving as an investment that can be fruitful when you will say good bye to the working world.

Social Media Accounts Can Make or Break Your Personality at Work

Your social media accounts can play a vital role, so sanitize them before completing graduation. If you are posting pictures of getting sloshed almost every night, more and more chances is that your future employers won’t like it. They need someone who can represent their organization in best way possible, instead of someone who is always about parties, fun nights and doing extremely rubbish things all around the town. After completing graduations washout your social media walls and only keep things that are clean, look-great, and is more of sophisticated. There isn’t any harm in getting socialize in real with zero budget, but be careful when it comes to electronic socialization.

Never Ever Post Pictures of Your Sensitive Documents

Keep all your documents and sensitive belongings under wraps, even at home. Never ever share your credit or debit card information to anyone, especially PINs. When you post pictures of your sensitive documents or credit cards, they might not show all the information hackers need, but in this way you are letting them know some of your information and that isn’t correct at all.

Follow these tips and you will be thankful all your life!

Published on: May 05, 2017

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