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10 Optimal Ways to Save Better When Shopping For Back-to-School

Whether it’s about tips to relish parenting in most effective way or get some serious tricks to save on kids clothing, parents stay keen to meet all needs of their children without getting into trouble. Yes, we agree that you face budgeting-stress and other day-to-day troubles while bringing up a child. But, believe, it’s the most amazing phase of your life that can literally give you goose bumps when in future you will think about the struggles you had and how you overcame. 

Back to School

If your kid is a grownup boy who is a college senior and he is habitual to money-saving tips before graduation then you can take a backseat and let him handle thing. On the contrary, if your kid is still in the process of strong young boy then you still need to take his hand and walk miles to give him a successful life.  And, it’s almost summers that bring baseball, lemonade stands, sunshine, and back to school with it. The early you start the better you will save and that all we are talking about: How to save money while purchasing back-to-school supplies.

Before the retailers get poised to begin their back-to-school promotions, start planning what to and how to do in order to save dollars on your purchases for kids’ schooling stuff. Hang onto your wallets! And don’t just drag by the rise-in-price of "back to school" stuff. We understand that it’s a bit tough job to get the kids outfitted without breaking the bank.

The cost for back to school supplies keeps increasing with every passing year. Try our listed school shopping tips to save time, energy, money, and your sanity when shopping for back to school.

Make a list and Stick to It

Many teachers make listing things easy by handing over a detailed list of required supplies for the school year to parents. This complete list of supplies has unit counts and even sometimes specific colors are also mentioned. You will just need to take that list to the store and don't deviate from it, or increase the risk of blowing your budget. And you must know how to avoid going over budget that will cost you a fortune. There must be plenty of attractive and adorb items that would be "nice to have" or your child "might want them," but don’t get reluctant and stick to the list till end of the back to school supplies shopping and don't open your wallet for everything. If the teacher hasn’t given you the list then check school’s web sites, they are another good source for supply lists. Simply download or grab each kid's checklists. And then firstly scour the house for items you already have on-hand and afterwards move out to shop the remaining things of the list.

Raid Your House Before Shopping

Before you head to the store, this is particularly important for families with several school-age children. Like clothes of older brother/sister, younger ones can use their school supplies. Perhaps there are leftover pencils from last year, or perhaps a pencil box that a particular teacher requested for the first child can be recycled for the second. To make the sorting-out easier, combine new items with leftover supplies in a designated tote or cabinet. Apart from using stuff for elder siblings, those elder kids of the house can also don’t need to buy each and everything completely new. Educational accessories like rulers, pencil boxes, calculators and backpacks do not need to be replaced each year, so don't be afraid to reuse last year's, if it's still in good shape. So, before searching so much for back-to-school sales flyer, do these two things: what you need, and what you already have in hands.

Tip: Instead of buying pencils and pens, send your kids back to school with the free ones that businesses hand out (you know the ones that are currently taking up space in your junk drawer).

Set Up a Supply Central

This will help you all year long and beyond. Simply set aside a supply stash and this will help you organizing your things perfectly. It’s actually most practical way to conquer the "where is it?" chaos: designate a box, covered records box, or shelf as School Supply Central. This tip will leave you tension free throughout the year and will be an easy process for kid’s as well to find their things on time. Find that stash of a few packs of binder paper or 9-cent boxes of crayons from last summer's school supplies shopping spree? Pack them into the box; this is how within no time you and kids will find where new crayons are when children will need them in November.

Don't Stuck to One Store For Buying All Supplies

A way of shopping that guarantees that you'll pay more than you should on back-to-school supplies is to just go into an individual store and get every item that is on your shopping list. Even if you are purchasing your all needed and listed stuff at Wal-Mart, you will still end up getting many items paying full price. Instead, you should definitely go through some reliable online books and education discounts to check out the sales fliers from all stores and plan you’re shopping accordingly. Even you can find number of school supplies in most affordable price on some party suppliers stores with discounts too. So take a quality time out from your busy schedule to have ample time in your hands to find the best deals that will make you able to pick up items as you find them on sale.

Don't Neglect Office Supply Stores

Almost every year, some of the absolutely stunning best deals on back-to-school items were really not found at the usual shopping destinations such as: Wal-Mart, Target, and Kmart. Rather, they were found at office supply stores like Staples, Office Supper Savers, and Office Depot. There were some amazing deals, like one-cent pencils, five-cent erasers, 10-cent folders, and five-cent glue sticks. The normal concept is: Many office supply stores have a very limited number of supplies for back-to-school. So, it’s smarter to keep a keen eye on sales fliers and online deals and get them when the deals are available.

Avoid Cartoon Characters

A great way that can lead you paying extra dollars is when during back-to-school shopping you actually fall for the cutest and colorful cartoon characters that adorn items like notepads, lunch bags, backpacks, binders, and pencils. They are usually 20%-30% more expensive as compare to the items with no characters on them. We know that children don’t understand the need of sticking to the budget and they may demand to have any of their favorite cartoon character all over their back-to-school things and you will feel bad to say NO. Don’t feel bad, we have an affordable and workable solution to deal with this situation. If your child absolutely hypnotized by the character of Dory and wants it on her new lunch bag or backpack then the best way is to buy some stickers and let them decorate it themselves.

Take Full advantage of Price Matching

Whether it’s about clothes, shoes, or even back-to-school supplies, price matching is the foremost way to shop with great discounts. There are lots of retailers who never feel bad to offer price matching on identical items. This doesn’t only let the customers save better but the time, energy, and gas-money. Because while shopping online, you will not need to run around to multiple stores in order to get the best prices for everything. Instead, you will sit at home and will get delivery at home and there be no kid’s drama that you will need to tackle on convenient shopping. Just make sure that you know the rules of successful price matching. For instance, number of stores requires their competitor's ad as proof of the lower price.

Be Tricky While Handling Kids

If you are taking kids with you on the shopping or they are taking part in online shopping, so there are some tried and tested tips that can help you dealing with your kid’s requests in most affordable way:

  • Allow one extra purchase
  • Ask your kids to pay the difference between what they are willing to buy, and what you what to buy
  • Have your kids foot the bill for anything that's not on the list
  • Refuse to give in to the request or spend too much on their demand. By doing this you may not get popular, but it is the chance to teach them the smart money management

Buy Quality Over Quantity

While purchasing school supplies, you may get many options to choose for the same items so our piece of advice is that don’t just run after lower price tags without having a thought. Instead of searching for the cheapest price, it’s better to dig some quality-worth coupon codes that can help you and your child for a long run. And when you choose quality products, you will not need to buy the same item thrice or even more than this in the same year and that is why quality matter big-time. Its smart purchase if you are getting a backpack that has lifetime warranty. It might charge you little extra but it won’t tear or colors won’t fade, instead of purchasing lower quality invest time in searching for a quality product that is on discount.

Shop at Thrift Stores and Garage Sales

Thrift stores and garage sales are helpful as they can be a treasure trove of discounts for back to school supplies. You can easily get Backpacks; clothing with discounts, gently used shoes, and lots of other school supplies can be picked up from there. So, without a second thought start hitting up garage sales for everything you need. It might eat more of your time that actually online shopping doesn’t do, but you can score some incredible bargains this way. And if you know the art of grabbing right coupons properly than there is nothing that can beat the charm of getting your school supplies delivered at your doorstep.  You can also ask friends and family members to keep an eye out for you; while they shop at garage sales. You might already know many stores who run huge sales specifically for parents that are shopping for back to school items. It’s smart to start early, though. The selection might get picked over by the first day of school.

Published on: May 19, 2017

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